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Are you interested about the future? Do you want the secrets to living a longer life? Or do you want to become a futurist? These topics might look interesting for some people but learning about the future of technology and making predictions is not your normal job. Futurists would study current trends and use this to make predictions to our future. These predictions would include our advancement in technology or even the next world war. The people who make these predictions would also believe that there are prophecies that will still be fulfilled.


Below are some brief details about this topic.


If you want to become the world's great futurist, you need to start by learning the trends about technology or businesses in the current world. You would want to know other facts and opinions on other predictions by joining World Futurist Society. Having to join this society, you can have a meeting of the minds or a group-think situation. This is very important if to let you know new ideas that could be important in your predictions in the future.


If you want to become a futurist, you can concentrate on topics like military technology advancement, or the next possible war. You can know these topics that are paramount to our nation. You can make these predictions, so that you can show the world on how to be ready in the future. In being a futurist, you can also know the secrets on how to live a longer life. Seeing the future would mean you would know the advancement on medicines, have a lead to new diseases, or have known cures about current diseases or illnesses.  


One common thing why people would want to become futurist is because they want to know more about future technology. Future technology is a popular topic today. If you pursue to be a futurist, you can make predictions about cars flying or levitation of houses, buildings or even swimming pools. Read up on what a futurist tech speaker does to get a better idea. 


In being a well-known futurist, it is not an easy task. You would need to make predictions that would really happen. Credibility and reliability would be your goals, if you want people to trust you. If you want to be the best, you need to be open to new ideas and would do extensive research on trends about the current world. Read the news every day, this could also help in your predictions. One tip also is you should be open minded and willing to accept to other's opinions.


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